Spectrum Magazine Interview - Article 2 

This image is a caricature by Red Elk that he sent to The SPECTRUM in a letter.

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Red Elk’s Medicine Message Of Worlds Within Worlds: Old Mysteries, Powerful Truths For Today

Red Elk interview continued:

Like I’ve said, I’ve been up there, and suddenly one of the animals, over my lifetime, in this mass of confusion, chasing each other, biting each other on the butt, just having dog-fun, not hurting anything, just having fun—then, they’ll all of a sudden recognize that I’m out there, watching, because I’m not allowed to go INTO this. 

And suddenly, word seems to go out: “Hey, Red Elk is out there!”  And then just out of this massive cloud would bound a little whiff or cloud, and turn into one of my former animals, and just run up, and sit down, and look up at my face, and the tongue would be out, saying: “I’m having fun.  Nice to see you.  Bye!”  And that’s that.  It’s a wonderful place.  But they have no souls.  And I hear Penelope Smith and others say this, that animals have souls.  No, they don’t.  They have an awareness and need no souls; they do no wrong. 

Rick Martin:  Makes sense.  That’s all I had.  I just had to ask you that one question about the cities of Light, and I know people will be asking me. 

Red Elk:  I can honestly say, if there are such places, I don’t know of them, here within this Earth.

Oh, oh, oh!  I take that back.  Thank you, Creator.  Aho!  There is at least one.  And that is the one known as Shangri-La.

Rick Martin:  And is that under Tibet?

Red Elk: No, it’s under the Russian Steppes. 

Rick Martin:  Where is that?

Red Elk:  That is the great wilderness of Russia, the great wilderness, Siberia area.  There is a way into it through Tibet.  There is a way into it in the Russian Steppes.

Rick Martin:  That’s pretty remote.

Red Elk: It’s not only remote; it’s unseeable—unless you go in the right heart, and that unlocks the key; and then suddenly, it is there.  If you have that right heart, pure seeking, you’ll be led there; if that’s truly where you want to go.  There are great Masters there.  There are a great many, many of the Essenes still there.  The Essenes have never gone out of existence, ever.

And the great Earth Learners.  These are people who are alive.  They’re not spirit beings.  They are alive people, alive, who are actually very long-lived, if you want, near, if not totally, immortal.  They are great Masters, great Lovers.  And I’m not speaking sexual love; I’m speaking love of all mankind, all things.  And it’s kind-of a parking place for those kinds of people who have walked out to search.

Literally, if you and I were side-by-side, and you had the right heart and I the wrong, you could get up to go to the bathroom or something, and we’re camped out there searching for something tangible that we can see, but your heart is right, and we happen to be right there where it’s at, but we can’t see it because it’s in another kind-of dimension, you could go off to the bathroom, and I could watch you go hide behind a bush, and you simply would walk into air and I could not find you.  You make it to Shangri-La; I do not. 

And it is a strange world.  And the key that you need to get into the city is similar to the key needed to get into the Inner Earth, and to the other cities that I know—and that is a pure heart.  You go in the proper area, the proper place, but if you are going with a pure heart—not to conquer, not to explore, but you’ve heard, and you hunger to be a part of it, and you love the Creator, and you love everything—and you’re not going to hide from a police record or something.  Anyway, with that pure heart, if you get within the general area, you are checked out.  It is a city that is within the Earth, and yet is inter-dimensional.

Rick Martin:  Now, would this be the city where reside the great Masters who are, forever, on this planet, such as Baba Ji?

Red Elk:  Yes, it would be.  But, is it?  I don’t know.  Only the people who have set their heart on nothing but goodness and kindness and compassion and love and helping—not all of these people, you understand—but in their searching, they hear of Shangri-La. 

I’m looking at it, right now.  I’m split.  I’m what we call split.  And, frankly, the city looks quite a bit like the one in/on this planet I told you about—a crystal, dome-like, inter-dimensional though, city.  It’s there, within the Earth, not on the surface of the Earth.  And if you and I happen to be in the Earth, at that area of the city, but not of pure heart, we would not know it exists.  To us, we’d be walking through the air of a cave, or whatnot.  It’s an inner heart way.  The key to it is through the heart.  You’ve got to be of pure heart. 

And that holds true with the other Keepers.  That’s one of my jobs, called Keeper of the Tunnels, which means or infers, Inner Earth.

I have a city that I am particularly keeper of, the entry way.  The first group of Long Walkers are headed for that city, and there are a number of openings to this city.  And some of them are actual, physical openings, that you can actually physically enter into—a crack, or cave, or whatnot, and start your walk.  And this is what they’ve done.  But I have the inner key, the pure heart; therefore, I have the key to the opening that is scant miles from the city.  When the time comes, my orders are already known.  When the time comes, the Creator will send certain ones to me, at a certain place, and these are the ones from other breeds—other than Indian-American—Black people, it doesn’t matter.  He knows who they are.  They will be called.  They will be so compelled, they can’t stop themselves.  They will do everything they can to get there.

They will meet with me, and then I will open the door, and they will go down.  I will then shut the door, and that’s it.  My job is done for the inner city work.  I’ll stay here.  I have to face the music that’s up here.  I cannot—I do not know how to open the door, go down with them, and then come back up and open the door, and come back to the surface.  I have no knowledge of how to do that.  All I do, basically, I’m just the doorman. 

Rick Martin:  And when you open that door, I presume it’s so that they go down into safety?

Red Elk:  Yes, and the survivors here on the surface, over time, will interbreed, and there will be ONE COLOR, ONE LANGUAGE.  The same thing will happen down there. 

Now, the American Indians, Long Walkers, and those of that ilk, they believe that they came from down there, which is very true.  Not all of them, you understand, but many of these people were the survivors who were saved by the gods, little g, in reality, here, and from up on our surface, when they warred against the Draconian Lizards and saved the group.  They believe that they are the only ones, that they are the only people who came out of the Inner Earth.  (Laughter) Boy, are they wrong!  There were Africans, and all kinds of people, all around the Earth.  They’re not the only ones.  They are a little cocky, and they’ve got this in their head.  I don’t know why. 

But nevertheless, they believe that they are going to be masters, if you want, of the city they’re going to.  And there are a number of cities, a number of Long Walkers, who are going to be going toward these cities, American Indians—at least 3, at the very least—are going to be going to cities that are deep within our underground.

Rick Martin:  You’re talking about 3 individuals?

Red Elk:  Three cities, at least.  When they get there, they’re going to believe that this is for them.  Wow!  Alleluia and all of that.  They’ll think: “The Great Spirit has given us a whole city.  We know how to live here.  Our ancestors had known how to make knives, etc., and we’ve learned those skills” and blah, blah, blah.

Well, at least in the one city that I take care of, that I am in charge of, they’re going to find, when they get there, there’s others who are waiting for them from our surface, of very many different colors.  The same type of colors that are here, same race, breeds, if you want, that are up here on our planet’s surface will be going down there.  And in my case, they will be there before the Long Walkers get to it. 

Now, in the other cities, I don’t know.  But nevertheless, they will get there, if they’re not there first.  You understand? 

Rick Martin:  Yes.

Red Elk:  And the Long Walkers are going to be very, very surprised.  As it stands now, in the first group of Long Walkers, at least five are dead.  I just checked recently, and it still looks like only five are dead. 

Rick Martin:  Five are dead?

Red Elk:  Yes, yes.  One died of appendicitis.  One, I don’t know.  And three, foolishly, did not pay heed to myself or the Guides that the Inner Queen had given them, and went off exploring on their own.  And there’s traps all through these dang tunnels.

And during a big rest-stop, these three saw a huge, at least 3-foot-wide, pure silver vein; and they wanted to explore that.  They walked off, and it was a trap-vein, and a cave-in killed the 3 of them.  Which is good—what is death?  They’re ok; they’ve gone on.  And it was good that this went on, too, because it really chastised the others to PAY ATTENTION to what I have told their leader, and them, and what the Guides tell them.  And it was needed—really, in a sense, designed, that this happened to these three—to warn, and show the others that this is not a game.  It might be a long, long walk, but it is not a game; you pay attention.  And believe me, they are now! 

But, in this group there is an older lady who is, well, she has a big ego problem, and she thinks that SHE should be the leader.  And the leadership is given to a younger man, when the original leader abandoned them, and came out of the tunnel, just scared to death.  He made big hoopla about, he knew this, he knew that about the Innerland.  He didn’t know diddly-squat, nothin’—and he, literally, abandoned them.

He came out and said: “They are sick.  They need this.  They need that.”  And told our Indian people, the Elders, and stuff.  And they backed him up with all kinds of stuff—I mean, the guy was loaded-down.  And he went back into the Inner Earth, to one of the first small caves, and sat there for several days eating the foods and things that he was, supposedly, bringing back to them. 

And he came out and told them: “Well, I got back to them, but they left.  I told them to stay there, and I can’t find them in this maze.  They’re gone.”  So, the first group is considered to be dead now. 

So, they made up a second group to go, and this man was going to lead them in.  And I thought “Oh, no” when I heard about this.

You know, the guy has got these Elders hoodwinked.  He just—oh, I just don’t stand this kind of medicine people ego—but a real hero to the people when he came out.  You know, a real hero.  He made his way out, and he’s going back in to “save” the group.  Save the group my butt!  He was scared to death in there. 

Anyway, they were going to send him in with a second group.  When I heard about it, I had to search him out and put a sickness on him, that put him into the hospital.  I’m not allowed to kill or anything; it’s abhorrent to me.  But, in this case, I had to put a sickness on this younger man.  Young, well, he’s probably in his early 40s now.

The Elders couldn’t understand it, because this guy was going to lead the second group in, and the group was ready, then suddenly he’s very sick.  And the doctors are scrambling all over to find out what’s going on—the White doctors.  Ta-da!  The light went on in the head of 2 or 3 of the Elders, and they said: “Wait a minute.  This is no ordinary sickness.  This is something put on by a sorcerer, or something along that line.”

I’m not a sorcerer, but I know the abilities.  So they went searching and they did a time-trip on the Long Walkers, the first group, and found out the truth of this man.  I think there’s five of them who did this, and they were just astonished that this man was a Judas.  He was NOT what he was making himself out to be. 

So they understood the sickness, and chose another to lead the second group in, which is well on its way now. 

And this one here, somehow—I don’t know how—word has kind-of filtered out of the great Elders pow-wow, he’s kind-of like a dog with his tail between his legs, down there in Indian land.  He’s lost all status, all status.  He’s out of the hospital, but he’s locked out of ever doing this again.  And he will never enter in.  He’s not a true-heart.  He will never enter in.

Meanwhile, the lady thinks she should be leader.  So, what is going to happen—I see the future of it, I’ve been shown the future of it.  They will get emerge from the entrance into the great cave, where this huge, huge, huge area of beautiful land is—water, with fish, animals, and by the way, these animals are not like our animals.  These are Mastodons and stuff.

Anyway, they see the city in the distance—not huge distance, you know, 20-30 miles away—and making their way to it.  All of a sudden as they get close, they see that there are people there who are not Indians, who are Black people, White people, all different colors.  And they’re “shocked”, just literally shocked.  And the Indian woman then will cause an uprising within the group, and there will be a split. 

And if this woman has her way—and I don’t know beyond this future—she has either got to somehow be convinced into staying with the group, or coming back to the half-group they’re split from, now, and live in peace.  In short, take it as the way it is.  Just roll with the punches.  We weren’t expecting it either, but come on back.  And she doesn’t want to.  I know this. 

Or, she will take her son, and some of her other followers, splitting-off, and they will cause the first wars in the Innerland. 

Or, she must be killed, or die in a natural form, to stop the wars she will be making because of her hatred of the races that she sees, and her hatred of the Elder who is much wiser than her, who actually has the authority and is leading the group.  It’s just hate; she’s jealous and full of hate. 

Rick Martin:  Really unfortunate.

Red Elk:  Yes, very unfortunate, very unfortunate, indeed.  And I know that peace will try to be made, but I do not know if it will succeed.  And the only hope is that she dies, and her son dies.  He’s not anywhere near as bad as her, but she’s got the son convinced she’s the leader.  It’s very, very sad. 

Luckily not everybody goes with her.  Actually, just a little less than half of those who actually make it out of the hole—some 16.  But therein enters war.  While the others will, all over our world, will meet with others from our upperland, and they, too, will interbreed.

The same color that is on our surface, will be on their surface; the same language on our surface will be on their surface.  All nations will disappear.

It is the Red man, the Red man’s nation—the knowledge that we give out.  My job is to teach the abilities that all human beings have; the knowledge is what will be left of the Red man’s race.  That inner touch, how to make fruit out of a piece of dead branch, that happens to be an apple branch.  I teach how to do this.  I give them the knowledge.  I do not do it for them.  I’ve taken my lessons.  I know what I can do; I’ve seen it work.  I’ve tested it.  I know how simple the lesson is, and therefore lies the biggest problem on how hard it is to do it.  It’s so damn simple that nobody can believe it.  Excuse my language, but you understand what I mean?

Rick Martin:  Sure I do.

Red Elk:  Our world is full of the idea that it’s got to be complicated; we’ve got to have scientists do it; we’ve got to have a great inventor do it; it’s got to have millions of dollars behind it—ah, bull crap.  It’s just got to have your heart and your mind, and that’s that! 

So, anyway, that’s where that stands. 

And, before we go, my brother, there is something that I wish I had told in this interview.

Aho!  Thank you, Creator.  Aho!

Boy, I just love Dad.  He has a pretty good head. 

Rick Martin:  He’ll remind you.

Red Elk:  He says, like the Crystal City inside, and this, what I’m going to say, wasn’t just a reminder.  It was like a toilet plunger just pressing down.  It’s a very permanent reminder. 

And that is the fact that I speak, in the interview, quite a bit about what people would call Christian things. 

Well, the Inner Heyoka learned at the feet of the Son of God.  That’s where our original society originated.  Christ himself.  You call him Christ.  We call him Pale One, or Pale Teacher. 

So, I am one of only twelve who carry on the traditional way of purity.  I understand our Indian nation’s main ceremonies.  Not all ceremonies are based on this, but our main ones, like Sun Dance—where it comes from, how it connnects with Christ, how it connects with the Bible.  I’m the bridge.  I’m not supposed to understand these things. 

And, if you’d like to put why I talk so much about the Bible, being on the Indian side, I’d gladly explain one of the great bridgings, one of the great misunderstandings between Indians and Whites, both.

Rick Martin:  Tape is rolling.

Red Elk:  The Sun Dance consists of a very large circle scratched into the Earth.  And in the center is a hole, to receive the center pole, the tree.  And what happens is, when it comes time for Sun Dance, the Elders will get together and pray, and send out scouts—young bucks, if you would.

I don’t think that we like that word, but the White man will understand it.

Nevertheless, send them to look for the proper tree to fill this hole.  And these people will go out and search the countryside, sometimes for many, many miles, 2 or 3 days.  They will come back and report: “I found this tree, I found that tree.”

They are busted up into small groups and go out in 2s, 3s, 1s, and report back.  And then the Elders will take these reports and go and check on these trees, the Elders themselves, to see which tree is the right tree.  When the right tree is found, then they send for a whole crew of guys—good, strong guys, young men, and a virgin, a young woman; she’ll be dressed in white.  And they do their prayers, and give thanks for the sacrifice of cutting the tree, and everything that’s involved, which is a lot more than is normal for us when we take the life of a tree or plant.  Even more so with this, because this is a very special tree.

The tree is not short.  It’s not some little 15-foot tree; it’s up there in height.  And they will give the young virgin an axe, and in ceremony, with this axe, she will run up and strike the tree; if I remember right, 3 times, but it varies.  

Now, this young virgin, dressed in white, represents Mary, the mother of Christ.  She hits the tree because it is the enemy upon which her child was killed.  They cut the tree down, then.  The young men have to line-up so, when the tree comes down, they have to catch it.  They can’t let it drop on the ground.  This is a big, green tree, with leaves and everything. 

Then they catch it and de-limb it.  They have to carry it all the way back to the circle, no matter if it is days or nights.  They cannot let it touch the ground.  So they shift, they have people who shift, depending on how far away that it is.  They represent those who helped carry the cross of Christ. 

The tree enters the circle.  The circle represents the circle of all Creation, all life—every planet, every people of those planets, our own planet, our own mitakuye oyasin, one relation.  And when we say we are one relation, we are not inferring only human-to-human, we are related to the worm that helps to aerate the earth by eating our bodies that are buried in the earth.  And, therefore, the water gets into those little holes and helps feed the grass roots and stuff, and the animals come and eat it; and we eat the animals, or we eat the plants.  And, literally, we are ingesting our dead sometimes.  You know?  In a sense, we’re the top of the food chain, and the bottom.  Both!  But anyway, we mean everything when we say mitakuye oyasin; we’re talking everything—the rain, the mountains, the stars, the dirt, everything; not just people. 

So, anyway, this great circle represents all of this.  And it’s in a circle because everything runs in a circle.  The hole is in the dead center of this circle.  Well, they bring the tree into this hole, and on top of the tree is a live branch, with the leaves on it.  That’s the only one that’s not taken away from the tree.  And then they put the tree in, and with great ceremony they plant the tree.

The tree represents the cross of Christ.  The green branch on top represents life, up there. It is connected into the Earth, from our Mother, our Mother Earth, to the Heavens itself, is the connection.  And the connection is the Christ. 

Well, they don’t have a cross-piece on it, but they tie lines to it—those who are going to dance.  These dancers prepare through fasting and a lot of prayer, because it’s a pretty painful dance.

Certain people, by each dancer, are pierced, and bone, or sticks, or whatnot are shoved through these pulled pieces of skin; and one of these lines are looped around these sticks in such a manner that it catches both sides of the stick.  This represents the piercing of Christ. 

Then the dance begins.  And they start dancing around, asking the Creator for forgiveness for themselves, or whatever, but asking the Creator to be with ALL.  Some dance, not for themselves, but for others who can’t dance.  It’s a beautiful time, but it’s rough.  And they’re leaning back on these sticks, on these long, long lines.  Meanwhile, everybody is praying and pow-wowing, and kind-of partying, and rooting for the people there, dancing on. 

In the old days, they used to dance day and night.  But today, they take them down during the day—they take the skewers off, on some of these.  They don’t do it anymore like in the old days.  And now they let them rest during the night.  In the old days, they were at it day and night.  If they had to sleep, they’d just fall asleep right there on the ground, and someone would come and cover them. 

Anyway, they pulled themselves loose from these skewers, or these lines on the skewers.  And if they can’t, by jerking back, literally rip those two holes from side-to-side, then others will come in and pull them back.  It’s real easy to pull the skewers out and just release them.  But that’s not the way of it.  Their sacrifice for the prayer, for the people, for all Creation, is so great, it is very, very painful.  Each one are representing the Christ. 

So they are ripped-off the cross.  And others might have to help them.  And I tell you—you go into great pain on this thing.  And then they are taken for healing time.  In this healing time, it generally lasts for three days.  Christ was buried for three days.  And then they come out, doctored and cared for, and are considered very special people, very holy people.  And our people will touch them, and honor them with gifts, and thanksgiving, and ask for special prayer. 

The whole thing is the ceremony, because of what the Bible talks about; because we had no words to write down.  So we did it in ceremony, to remember what we can now read in the Bible

This is what American Indian ceremonies—a vast majority, well, all ceremonies—are, literally: words in plays, in acts, like watching Shakespeare.  But, over the centuries, even our Indians have forgotten what some of our ceremonies’ origins or roots were.  They have the most beautiful meanings, but well off the mark. 

As for the Inner Heyokas, there were 13.  In time—I’m not sure if I said this earlier—Christ had left 13 of what you would call apostles, over there in the Jerusalem area.

Over time, all the Indians learned a lot, my ancestors of the society learned a tremendous amount.  And they would come to us for healing.  And, at first, they would honor us with gifts, food-stuffs, and things that are needed for life, just to exist.  But, in time, they just expected it from us.  And it got to the point, they’d rattle the new claws on the teepee, on the lodge, in the middle of the night:  “Hey, I need your prayers.  Come on out.”  And we started to go from something of being respected greatly, to dang near a slave.  And that, to this day, is still the case. 

Our families—we’re spending more time healing than going out and getting a hunk of meat to feed our kids and wives.  And this got one of the 13 ticked-off.  So, the next time somebody wanted him, when someone came to him and said: “Look, basically, we need you over at this Nation, a couple-day trip.” 

He said: “Yeah, you tell them I’m going to come, but I’m not coming at this minute.”  He had gotten a great idea.  He grabbed drums, and rattles, and he had already planned this.  He had made a mask, and everything else.  Well, he packed-up and went. 

He went into the village, and these people are expecting kind-of Paul the apostle to walk into this thing, “Thanks, guys” and walk home again. 

He came in and he, literally, began chanting and drumming and singing and rattling and doing a whole hoopla of things; it became a vaudeville act.  And then he did the prayer that he was going to normally do, anyway.  Well, this was so awe-inspiring to the people there, they paid him—my gosh, not only a healing, but entertainment, to boot. 

This is where tradition started.  Tradition started out of purity and need—not trust, though.  1 of the 13, the original 13, started tradition.  He became a damned clown.  But, in time, it grew with more respect.

Well, people were bringing the clown in: Here, let’s have a song and dance and healing too, and we’ll give you good stuff for it.  And it caught-on with others who are lesser medicine people, who are not of the inner 13.  And this is where tradition started. 

Well, it left us with only 12 who remained in purity, who remained in the ability to do tradition.  We knew the songs and dances, too, over time.  We learned it, but that didn’t mean we did it; we learned it, we knew what it was all about.  But we prefer to not use it.  We prefer to go up and pray. 

Well, today’s White world has ruined even the prayer of purity.  They went in and said: “Sure, I’ll pray for you”—meaning well, but not asking the Creator if they should do so; or, if so, how to do it.  What does He want done?  They don’t do that. 

But Christ said: I ask and then do.  What Dad tells me to say, I say.  What He tells me to do, I do.  If not, I don’t do it.

The Christians don’t follow Christ.  They claim to, but they are liars, unintentionally, but they are liars.  So, today, when people come to me for prayer, I go to the Creator, every single time.  And I say: “Sir, what do YOU want?  Am I to do this for this person?  Or, am I to be a part of it?”

And then I listen.  It’s that simple.  You ask and then you listen.  Just shut-up and listen, and expect an answer.  And He gives you an answer.  And if it’s “Yes”, then I ask Him: “What do you want me to do about it?  How?  How do you want me to go about it, sir?”

And He tells you.  And in many cases He says: “They came to you as Indians, asking for it in the Indian way, i.e., the way of tradition.  So, give it to them in that way.”  And then He explains exactly how He wants me to go about it.  And I do so.  And the people are happy, because that same kind of traditional method cured grandma and great auntie and on and on.

It really wasn’t that, because that’s all a vaudeville act; but they believe it.  It was the prayer that did the work, and the prayer didn’t even heal anybody, it was the fact that the prayer was given by the Creator, and He healed.  We don’t heal a thing. 

There’s where tradition became, and also, it’s where it’s going to go back to—purity.  Already, some of the medicine people are approaching me, saying: “Red Elk, we know this is dying.  We know that the future holds no more plants for us to use, no more of this or that.  How are we going to survive?  How are we going to remain being medicine men without all of this stuff ?” 

And I laugh, and I say: “You’ve never needed it in the first place!”  And I explain.  And it’s hard on them, but they see the truth of it.  They’re going to have to go through something new to them—purity. 

So, anyway, it is no trouble for me to swing back and forth between Indian and the so-called White man’s religion.  And it’s no trouble for me to go into Muslim and Buddhist.

The Creator looks at a person’s heart.  I have, now, people who are Buddhist, and people who are Muslims, and Wiccan, and atheists, who are Christ-followers.  That’s what the word Christian means; they use the power of what Christ gave the people: love.  That was his sacrifice, his teaching, and his love.  Therefore, anyone who loves, not hoping to get something back, but just plain compassion, they, at that time, are a Christ-follower, whether they know it or want anything to do with it, or not.  CHRIST IS LOVE.  CHRIST WAS GOD.  GOD IS LOVE.  Even the Bible says: “God is the spirit of love” as well as many other names. 

Right now I have a Buddhist—an active one who loves the religion Buddhist/Christian; and I have two Muslims who love their way, Muslim/Christian.  God doesn’t care how you go to Him; He cares about your heart.

Rick Martin:  Intent.

Red Elk:  I have people who are atheists, who to this day will not admit that there is a God, but they follow Christ, because they do so out of just pure heart-love purity.  Do you understand?

Rick Martin:  Yes, I do.

Red Elk:  I wish people would leave everybody’s way of going to God alone.  And, knowing what God is, purity love, knowing what Christ was, Him, in purity love on two legs, and knowing what that purity love does to you, it gives you compassion and the willingness to love without any recompense on your part, with much sacrifice, often.

Never mind if they get on a piece of cloth and bow to the East.  Allah is the name of God in that region, for Heaven’s sake!  It’s this in-fighting of religion that’s terrible, but even worse is, in those religions you have, like Taliban, and your other Muslim types, it’s in-fighting; it’s denominationalism within the Muslim faith, a splitting-away and causing in-fighting.  And it’s nothing more than what we have here that we call denominations.  Let us unite as mitakuye oyasin—one people, in love.  And never mind how we go about it, go about touching God’s ear. 

So be it.  I felt very strongly, I came on more like a preacher than an Indian, and they wouldn’t know where I came from.

Rick Martin:  It’s always good to clarify.  

Red Elk:  I’m doing CDs and tapes, professional, on how to do certain things.  The first three are professionally taped:  How to teleport; How to do telepathy, on demand; and How to fly, or levitate—both 101 and advanced.  All people have to do is to test it, to find out if it works. 

You do me a favor.  You pray about it [whether to include the following information].  I’m not in this for the money.  Thank God I’m starting to make some money.  But I’m not in it for the money.  It’s almost a sin for me to make money, and it’s awful hard on me, because the Bible says: “Feed your hawks.”  And this big, old, dumb ox, I’ve been working for years for nothing. 

Nevertheless, I have other ones coming up.  Next month I’ll spend a whole day taping a bunch of other ones. 

Then, the one I have now is called The Agendas, as you know (a 24-page booklet, $33) that gives nothing but knowledge.  And knowledge that nobody else is presenting, and really knowledge that’s so deep that, who’s going to believe it?  The only way that you’re going to find out is to wait, and that way you won’t be so shocked as it happens. 

I don’t set the price on these things.  The Creator sets the price, and I’m ashamed at the price; I’m so shamed.  But he told me: “No!  I mean, literally, No!” He said: “I want only those who are truly interested in learning to receive these.”  And that means that if people can’t afford the price themselves ($33 for a 24-26 page booklet), they can always find 2 or 3 others who would like to share the cost. 

Again, you pray about it, and if you put it in, you tell them you prayed about it.  I’m going to leave it in Creator’s hands and out of mine.

Rick Martin:  This is a good place to end.  Thank you for sharing your wisdom with our readers.

Red Elk:  Aho

~ END ~