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This image is a caricature by Red Elk that he sent to The SPECTRUM in a letter.

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Red Elk’s Medicine Message Of Worlds Within Worlds: Old Mysteries, Powerful Truths For Today

Red Elk interview continued:

Anyway, what it does is, it creates a force-field that would lift anything there, that’s within that beam, up.  And, just like any wind blows anything, it gets thrown to the side.

And that’s what happened there [referring to the mystery dimes].

So, it literally cuts through all parallel times—all the cards in the deck—in one spot.   And there are, again, many of these spots.  And that’s how it goes.

Gail Cortright:  So that dime was from a parallel time?

Red Elk:  Right.  Now, understand the parallel time idea: say you blink here, and hit a little boy on a bicycle and kill him.  On another time stream, you don’t blink; on one of these many—there are trillions of these parallel times for every moment of your life—so on A parallel time, you didn’t blink, and the little boy is not hit, and he grows up to be President of the United States or whatever.  Do you understand what I mean?

Gail Cortright:  Yes.

Red Elk:  Now, the Creator’s mind is enormous—so vast, so unbelievably way beyond, way above the comprehension of mankind, that He can keep track of every parallel time.

Every single human being, on any planet, whether they look like us or not, has a path.  And it is what they do on that path, that there is something opposite, or in-between, of the same human being, on another parallel time.

So, think of all the breaths you’ve taken.  Think of all the events in your life—well, you can’t—just an event like getting in the car and driving down the road and turning left.  In another reality you go straight.  In another one, you don’t go anywhere.  In another, you turn right.  In another, your car breaks down.  You understand? 

Gail Cortright:  Right.

Red Elk:  But the Creator has them ALL.  He knows every one.  I don’t know how many people are on our planet, on our particular planet, but there’s got to be over two, and nevertheless, He has it all worked out, other paths, of other people, who are called you, in other situations, parallel time situations.  So it’s all kind-of interesting.

Oh, I love the Guy.  He’s a Cool Head.  I really love the Creator.  He’s Pop, the Old Man, Topside, He’s Dad to me.  He’s more than just holding at arm’s length.  He’s a Guy that I get to crawl-up on His lap, and give Him a big hug.

Gail/Rick:  (Laughter)

Red Elk:  A personal relationship.  That’s what He wants from everybody, but everybody holds Him up there, some in fear; it’s too bad because they’re missing out.  This is a Guy who, in His mind/womb, is both our Mother and our Father.

And then, enter: the wonder of you, bringing YOU into life, through your mom and dad, who He wanted, through their moms and dads, who He wanted, just so He could get you.

You know?

And not just so He could get you.  He wants everybody.  He loves everybody.  But what do we do?  We stand back in fear, or awe—or in many, many cases, we give Him “white bread” by saying that we don’t believe in Him, which is a bunch of bunk.

Everyone was born knowing that there is ONE God. 

Anyway, the world—I’m not speaking “Christian”, I’m speaking “the world”—would be so much better off if they started personally communicating with Him; and not only prayer, but just chat, like “Hi Dad, how’s your day?”

“Well, goin’ pretty good kid.  I gotta go get some new teeth, though; got one knocked-out by another kid.”

Gail Cortright:  (Laughter)

Red Elk:  But He’s that kind of a relationship, and the world can have that.

Gail Cortright:  Right, absolutely.

Red Elk:  And that brings us to another point.  The point being, we are not alone!  Not only are there many trillions of parallel times on this particular planet, but there are many, many planets in times, dimensions, and planes.

A lot of those people—you wouldn’t even think that some were a living human of any sort, but no, they are our brothers and sisters.  They are made in that shape to fit the environment of the planet they’re from, their Earth.  And He has parallel times there, too.

This is a Mind that is just incomprehensible.  And don’t play chess with Him.  That would be so stupid.  (Laughter)

Gail/Rick:  (Laughter

Gail Cortright:  Well, you know, a lot of people ask—since you’re talking about Creator, I’ll just ask you this real fast, so you can get back onto your story.  But a lot of people will call here and ask: “What can I do to prepare?” 

And, normally they’re meaning “How much water should I buy?” or “How much food should I store?” or something along those lines.  What I tell them, in my opinion, is that the best thing anybody can do to prepare is to work on and have an unbreakable connection with Creator.

Red Elk:  A relation, yes.  And you’re telling them, actually, the only truth that matters.  People have come to me, over the years, and asked the same question.  And they’re talking “survival”.  And that’s great.  But how do they know how long they’re going to survive?  You could put the phone down and drop dead.

Gail Cortright:  And you can have all the survival stuff that you want, and if you don’t have that Connection to get your own Guidance, it may not do you any good.

Red Elk:  Like on Mr. Bell’s show, I said everyone has their own path, everyone will be warned in their own way.  And the fact is, not only is that a true statement, but instead of running around in fear, get your spiritual growth to the Creator act together. 

Gail Cortright:  That’s right.

Red Elk:  And I have people who have sunk almost $300,000—a husband and wife—they’ve literally gone flat-out broke building a special house to survive.

Gail Cortright:  An underground shelter?

Red Elk:  In this case it’s burmed, but nevertheless, close to it, heavily burmed above, as well as three sides.  But, you know, I say: “This is all good.  This is fine.  This is wonderful.  I hope you aren’t downtown buying a cup of coffee!”

Gail/Rick:  (Laughter)  Right, exactly.

Red Elk:  But if they were, and it did, that house was not meant for them.  They spent all their money.  There are no accidents.  It was meant for a survivor.  So, there’s no accidents.

They give me a great kick, you know.  They bought this HUGE generator.  

I say “Wow, why have you got the generator?”

They say “Man, when the electricity goes out” and blah, blah, blah. 

And I said: “When the electricity goes out, and blah, blah, blah, so goes the gasoline, and the roads, and the way to get the gasoline.”

Gail Cortright:  That’s exactly right.

Red Elk:  I can’t believe these people!

I have seen what the most probable future is.  I don’t go into the future; I’m taken into the future.  I do teach people how to go forward, and advise them only to go into the next 24 hours, because that is the zone that the probabilities are so closely related to today, it will probably be the one that is actually going to happen. 

I tell them, two days, the probabilities are spread out a little more, and three, even greater.  So, anything beyond three you cannot count on; there are so many probabilities—you can blink here, and hit the boy—anything during those 3 days. 

The next 24 hours is another story; it’s so close.  And, by doing this, I teach them how to fast-video their next waking moments, from the time they wake-up to the time they go to bed.

Well, you can’t learn to do this and sit-up, let’s say 12 hours, learning what the next 12 hours of wakefulness will be—you’ll be asleep during that time! 

So, I teach them how to fast-forward, and ask the Creator to stop, or slow down, when a problem is coming up—a quarrel, an accident, or whatever.  And if you can’t catch it, then ask them to back it up and run through it very slowly.

You can, literally, change the greatest probability for tomorrow simply by doing so.  Turn left, instead of going into the area where you would have had an accident.  Tell each other about the greatest probability of a quarrel coming up, and you can stop the quarrel because you realize, oh-oh, here are the signs.  You understand what I mean?

Rick Martin:  Yes.

Red Elk:  And, in truth, if you do this on a daily basis, and pay attention, you can have a really great and wonderful life.  You wouldn’t spend money needlessly; you would stay home if you needed to; you would take your children out of school that day, or what not, because you’re looking at the greatest probability.  You change the future.  You change the path, simply by being aware of what that particular future path of 24 hours is. 

But many people have asked me, would you please foresight my life?  I say: “Not a problem.  You’re going to live until you die, and the rest of it is all Christmas presents.”

Gail/Rick:  (Laughter)

Red Elk:  I tell them, flat-out: “No, I won’t go any further than that.”  And it’s true.  Life is meant to be full of surprises, good or bad.  And let them experience it.  Why should I take the greatest probability of their life and share it with them?  It is only the greatest, it is not the ONLY probability.  And if they turn left, instead of right, they change that greatest, automatically.  And, frankly, what their future holds, I’m not that brainy that I can look at ALL THE PROBABILITIES over the years; only the Creator can do that. 

But the next 24 hours, He says: “Oh, the medicine man, I’ll let you look there, safely.  And you can teach it, safely.”  Aho.

Rick Martin:  The thing that I’m most curious to know about, so I might as well ask that first, and then we can back-up and go from there.  In your booklet you say, a few months ago you were contacted by members of the Federation of Planets.  And they informed you that we—I presume, here on Earth—

Red Elk:  Right.

Rick Martin:  —caused a split within the Federation. 

Red Elk:  That’s what THEY think.

Rick Martin:  Can you explain that? 

Red Elk:  Oh, understand that other human beings from other planets have DNA’d us, over the years.  Not necessarily personally, one planet coming and doing it.  But because it started, originally, with the very first planet, which was not this Earth, and the very first people of that planet, again, which was not of this Earth.  This is a, relatively speaking, fairly new planet. 

When planet # 2 came up, when the Creator kicked that one out—like an egg, you know, in a mountain chicken—then it kind-of evolved.  Well, by the time they got evolved, pretty fair, # 1 planet was so evolved, and so commonly gone “technical”, instead of “Godnical”, they decided to go have fun with Mickey. 

So, they went down and said: “Hey, these seem like pretty primitive people.  Let’s go over and use them to do our work, clean our toilets and serve us.”  And they started DNA-ing their blood into them, and making them half-breeds, and then using the result to better their life in an ungodly way.

Rick Martin:  Are we talking about Earth yet?

Red Elk:  Not yet, we aren’t even born yet.  Earth is still sitting way back there in God’s Creation Mind.

Now, this goes on and on and on.  Mickey grows up and does it to number 3 planet.  Number 1 does it to number 3 planet.  And then, you know, it just carries on and on and on.

Eventually, everybody’s got everybody’s blood, bloodline, weak here, weak there, strong here, strong there.  But, nevertheless, every human being—and I’m not speaking Earth alone, I’m speaking everyone with soul, and there are more than I can count, but then again, I have trouble counting past two—every single one of them are intermixed with the rest.

In Indian language, we call this mitakuye oyasin(we are one relation).  And we are not referring, in that sense, to all beings throughout all Creations, beginning to now.  We are also referring to the worm, the tree, the weather, everything else, without which we would have a hard time making it.

But then again, when people hear mitakuye oyasin, in their minds, they think: “Yeah, we’re all people of this planet.”  Some of them have got brains enough to realize we’re all people of this planet, plus everything that makes up this planet.  But few realize that we are all of EVERYTHING made-up, everything—that includes other planets’ people, other planets’ trees, gases, whatnot, everything.  Because other planets—if they’re made up of, say, pure acid, or pure gases—Scripture says: “God is in all things.”  It is He who gives us everything that makes us, whoever we are, from whatever planet we are, survive.  And all things have life, have awareness, a God-awareness. 

So, we are connected to absolutely everything ever made, and is made to this time, everything.

Unless I got off the track, did that answer your question?  I don’t remember the question.

Rick Martin:  The question concerned the split among the Federation.

Red Elk:  Aho.  Ok, that does not answer your question. 

Gail Cortright:  (Laughter)

Red Elk:  But it does lead to it.  Therefore, all the Federation peoples, the so-called wise men and elders of various planets, belong to the Federation; not all planets, this is just a Federation.  There are others that won’t have anything to do with it, they got their own thing goin’.  But, nevertheless, these people all see that you and I, here on the planet called Earth, have everything in us, everything, including themselves, no matter what themselves happen to be—Draconian, Pleiadian, or whatever.  So, they all lay claim to us. 

Now, we have the “Unholy Four”, who claim us to the point that they’re more than willing, and have, and are, and am, at war, fighting everybody because they want us.  [In his booklet called The Agendas, Red Elk describes the Unholy Four as being: the Reptilians, the Bee People (Greys), the Gargoyle race, and Sasquatch.]  It’s like the Conquistadors who came to America and planted a flagpole to say it belongs to Spain; it’s that type of deal—very arrogant, very heady twits. 

So it boils down to them playing with DNA and so on; it all boils down to you and me.  And everybody wants a piece of the action.  It’s either, leave us alone—and nobody wants to, especially the Unholy Four—or, somebody gets to win and control us, and the vast majority do not want that.  So, the best thing to do is to kill us, wipe us off, no more problem.  So that’s where we stand.  Win or lose, that’s where we stand.

THEY have created the problem, but believe it’s we who are the problem.  If they hadn’t screwed around in the first place, we would have evolved naturally, and be only our own problem.  Do you understand?

Rick Martin:  Yes.

Red Elk:  And nobody’s great threat. 

Gail Cortright:  Do you think that’s part of the reason it has taken us so long to evolve?

Red Elk:  Honey, we have not taken so long to evolve.  If you want to see those who are on the evolution path, go talk to Sasquatch, THEY are our original people. 

Gail Cortright:  I remember you saying that on the Art Bell show.

Red Elk:  Adam and Eve were the first “evolved” through DNA, of them, Sasquatch.

Gail Cortright:  So, we’ve evolved from Bigfoot?

Red Elk:  No, no, no.  We WERE Bigfoot; they modernized us—different brains, different bodies, and everything else.

Gail Cortright:  Oh, I see.

Rick Martin:   These other off-planet beings. 

Red Elk:  Somebody piddling around with good little ole’ people of Earth, now blaming us for their problems.  And I’ve gone to the Federation.  I’ve stood there before the Federation.  And—and you can put this in—I chewed their butt royally for their screw-ups.

And, afterwards, when I came back from this meeting, I got a phone call from one of the others of our planet who belongs to the Federation.  This gentleman said: “Red Elk, I know you couldn’t see me for all the vast number of people, but I and others of this planet were there and heard you.  And I/we wanted to thank you.  We have always known that what you said was needed, but we feared, and you have no fear.” 

So, what was said, was said.  I’m not too well liked up there.  I’ve only been up there three, maybe five times, tops.  I get on their butt like I get on anybody else’s who’s screwing-up.  Even worse, I get on my own.  I feel real bad when I screw-up.

Gail Cortright:  (Laughter

Rick Martin:  Somebody has to speak frankly to these beings, especially if they are, quote, “looking out for our own best interest”.

Red Elk:  They aren’t.  They’re looking out for THEIR best interest! 

Gail Cortright:  Right, right.

Rick Martin:  Interesting.

Red Elk:  And you can emphasize their!  We have, basically, three types of other beings, three types of thought.  Those who are FOR us, which is just about zero, if not so.  Those who are AGAINST us, which is close, if not very, very close to 100%.  And those who IGNORE us.  Hot, cold, lukewarm.  Scripture says: “I would rather you be hot or cold, than lukewarm.”  Lukewarm makes a very uncomfortable bath.  If it’s hot, you can take a bath, you can cool it to your liking.  Cold, at least you can drink it.  But to drink or bathe in lukewarm water is really difficult.  So, in their own ways, they are all against us, and only for themselves. 

Gail Cortright:  Wow.

Rick Martin:  You talk in your booklet about Lucifer being behind everything, and the opposition to Lucifer is, of course, part of God’s Greater Plan anyway, in an effort for everyone to be aware of how magnificent He is as a being. 

Red Elk:  Absolutely.  We—this particular planet—is a mousetrap floating in space, and you and I are the cheese.  We are the ones who will draw all to us.  And they are close, I mean close.

Fighting, right now, the war is suckering in every created being who’s alive today, including different dimensions—not parallel times, but including dimensions, and times, and planes.  Many who want nothing to do with the war have no choice but to go to war.

These are not spiritual beings I’m speaking of; these are physical beings.  It’s all over us.  We smell pretty good to the mice out there.  And that’s exactly why the Creator has allowed everything to go on as it is.  IT’S HIS PLAN.

And none of them, absolutely none, except for the few who I get in contact with—full-blood Lizards, half-breeds, that type of thing—none of these people give one thought to anything but themselves.  They, in their own way, right, and mind, believe that.  They don’t give any thought to ever being created, to their “original” Adam and Eve, their original Sasquatch of their planet.  They just plain don’t have Him (which has no sex) in their mind at all.  It’s their culture.  It’s accepted.  We are who we are.

And the vast majority feel that they are the BIG G, God.  And in so doing, they can do anything they want.  If they want to do bad, they’re God, they can do it.  If they want to do good, they can do it.  But the fact is, very few, I’m talking just 3, 4, or maybe 10 people on this planet are aware that they are not God, therefore are not Lucifer, and therefore have no right to do to others, just no right.  And, well, the rest feel otherwise. 

And my job is to make the others, all others, not just people of our planet, but all others, aware that there is something far bigger than them, and that they, in turn, are being hoodwinked, stealthfully used by someone they don’t believe exists either.  They think they are God, they are Lucifer—in fact, they are not either.

And the true Lucifer is using them, and making them feel like they are God.

Gail Cortright:  Right.

Red Elk:  So the fact is, it’s not them against us, it’s Lucifer against the Creator.  Do you understand?  But we happen to be the physical ones who are getting zapped.

Rick Martin:  Caught in the middle.

Red Elk:  Yeah.  But what a wonderful middle it is for this planet.  All the people who will die—look at the end result of the millions who, beyond our planet, who will finally see the truth.  There is ONE CREATOR!  Bring them back to their original roots that they had, eons ago, but now forgotten.  And it is our sacrifice for the Creator, to be the cheese in the mousetrap, willing or unwilling.  And what is death?  It’s a continuation of life, period. 

So, it’s going to be kind-of a hurtful way to die for many people, but it is anyway.  Some people get tortured to death, some people get run over by a truck or a car and spend days dying, but we all die.  We don’t have to, but we all die.  Death is nothing.  Getting there can be a pain.  Death is a piece of cake.  I’ve been there, done that.  I’ve got 3 more trips to go.  No problem. 

As far as I’m concerned, Heaven—ho, wow, what a place that is!  I never go there, I’m always taken there.  Heaven, to me, is a great place to visit, but I’ve got a job to do and I don’t want to stay. 

Gail Cortright:  So that’s not just a state of mind?

Red Elk:  Oh, no, no, no.  You ought to see the walls in Heaven, unbelievable.  They are huge, glasslike—I could not even venture how thick between one glass pane and the other one behind it.  I have no idea.  But it’s not an inch; I’m talking feet or yards.  And its pastel marble, and it’s like somebody blowing smoke between glass panes, and all this color, these beautiful pastel blues and pinks and golds; oh, it’s just beautiful.  And that’s what the walls are like.  And you touch them and they’re warm.  They’re not hot, they’re not cold; its just fantastic.  A nice place to visit—and for anybody who worries about it, shoot, don’t worry.

Gail/Rick:  (Laughter)

Red Elk:  The AIR, the air, I think, is the most unbelievable part of all of the Heavens.  The air is GOD HIMSELF—the awareness, the love, the majesty.  You breathe God! 

Maybe you two are old enough to remember, Grandma would wash windows with newspapers and vinegar.  When she got done, they squeaked, and it was a prism of sunshine coming through, thousands of clean glass particles.  That’s what the air is like, and you breathe it.  It’s a “heavy” place to go to, really cool. 

Gail Cortright:  I bet.

Rick Martin: Wouldn’t mind a vacation there.

Red Elk:  Wouldn’t mind a vacation?

Rick Martin: Wouldn’t mind a vacation there.

Red Elk:  Some people get that vacation, then come back and they are not afraid of dying.  I never was, in the first place.  But I’ve spent my time up there, and came back.  And I know that I will do 3 more times.  But the fourth time,  I’m not coming back.  I’m done here. 

But, people have asked me: “If you’ve really been there, why did you come back?”  Like they don’t believe me.  I’ve got a job to do!

Rick Martin:  Yeah, your job is not done.

Red Elk:  Nope.  And I’m very pleased with my job.  I’m not going to be too happy with what’s going to happen during it, to me personally, but me be darned.  I am no one.  I am here for others.  I just happened to be a by-product.  It’s something that Inner Heyokas know.  No, this is not a matter of blowing myself up, at all.  I’m just making a statement. 

Rick Martin:  Over the last number of years there are a fair number of so-called New Age authors and channels who have either made the statement that Lucifer is no longer on the planet, or he’s been bound, or he’s not really an active force anymore.  And I think it’s really a disservice to man for people to be making those kinds of statements when he is very much a real force, and he is very much in the game.

Red Elk:  Well, again, what is going on with people who say that?  It is Lucifer trying to convince any who will listen that that is a fact; therefore they’re open to be “gods” within their own minds, and do whatever they want.  It’s all deception. 

Gail/Rick:  That’s right.

Red Elk:  Lucifer is a wonderful being.  I’ve seen him, personally.  I’ve faced him, personally.  And he’s not red, with a long tail and horns!  But nevertheless—he is a Master of deception, a Master of lying!

Rick Martin:  He’s the best.

Red Elk:  Oh, there is nothing better.  If you say Lucifer is all bad, you’re wrong.  He’s a good example of what’s all bad!  The Creator, what a kick, I love the way the Creator works.  Lucifer can’t get anywhere except by conning you.

People say: “Oh, the devil made me do it.”  Or “The devil’s on my back.”

No, not if they see it right.  There is no bad, it is only how you comprehend it and look at it.  I’m not saying that my grandchild being tortured and raped is not a bad event.  But I look at it even different beyond that:  It is simply a test to watch if you can grow past the rock, pebble, or mountain put in your spiritual path to grow.

There is no bad.  It is only how you look at bad.  The Creator allows these things to happen, hoping that you will realize that it is a rock, a pebble, or mountain in your path, and that you will overcome it, and get stronger in love, His Love, true love, purity love, and just keep going up that path.

He wants you to learn to go around, over, or under that large boulder that’s been placed there by Lucifer.  In short, He’s using Lucifer, and Lucifer’s conning you, thinking that it’s Him doing it, as Lucifer; and it is, but you’re supposed to be conned into thinking that you cannot surmount that stone, which you CAN!  He’s conned you into thinking that you can’t.

And I’ll guarantee you: a man who lays down gets up a lot slower than a man who falls down.  And we all fall, we all fail.  But the guy who falls down, gets up quick, and he starts attacking that stone.  In time, in time, as you grow, that rock will only make you falter, as you walk through it.  You no longer have to go around it, above it, or under it.  You grow so spiritually strong, it just holds you there for a few moments.  And you just say: “Ah, come on, this is just an illusion; this is meant to slow me down from growing spiritually, to Dad, and in Dad.”  And I’m just going to have to bypass it.  I’m going to bypass it this time by walking through it!  And when you get to that stage in your life, in your spiritual growth, boy, I tell you, it’s fun.  And you get bigger and bigger rocks thrown there.

Rick Martin:  (Laughter)

Red Elk: Yeah, but it makes you grow stronger and stronger and stronger.  And then the world looks at you and says: “How could you laugh at that terrible thing that happened to you?” 

“Ah, shoot, piece of cake.”  You understand what I mean?

Rick Martin:  Yes. 

Red Elk:  There is no bad, brother, none whatsoever.  It’s only how you look at it.  I’m not saying things are not horrible and won’t happen, or don’t happen; they do.  But it is meant for you to grow, spiritually. 

Gail Cortright:  Right. 

Rick Martin:  Let’s talk about the levels under our feet.

Red Elk:  Mr. Bell did not give me the opportunity to explain it all, and I can’t blame him, entirely.  I misunderstood one of his questions, but nevertheless, there’s no accidents, including getting off the track many times on Mr. Bell’s show; there’s no accidents.  I gave a lot of things out, unfinished.

So many came back to me in written notes: “What’s this?  Finish it up.” 

So, I’m still writing letters.  (Laughter)  Gosh, am I writing letters, answering letters.

But, nevertheless, people have gotten the impression there is a ball, free floating inside a ball, free floating inside a ball, free floating inside a ball, and on and on.  This is not the case. 

The whole Earth, from its lava center, to our literal top here, number 6, is solid, except for HUGE, HUGE CAVERNS, caverns that are two, three hundred miles wide, and many, many times that long.  Just like we have caves, big ones, up here [in Washington state], there are caves in the next level down, number 5.  That is the 5th inner-land.

And mankind, here on this surface, if they hit the right spot, and could go deep enough, they would hit a big air pocket and drop 2-3 miles before they would start hitting more rock, because they’ve penetrated a cave.  These caves are filled, and deliberately made to look like what we experience here on the surface of our planet.

And the deeper you go, number 5, there are lots and lots of these caves.  But its not so many that you punch a hole here, there, and everywhere and you’re hitting nothing but caves. 

By the way, their is the illusion of “mountains” between number 5’s floor and ceiling.  Because of the heat inside, and because of the air outside, here, that gets down in there, cold and hot, it creates great clouds.  So the people—the few who are there at the moment, and the many who will return—they see these as clouds.  And the sides of these giant caves, they believe are mountains, the tops of which are hidden by clouds.  In truth, it’s not; it’s just the top of the cave; but you can’t see that because there are clouds; it’s steamy in there.  Do you understand?

Gail/Rick:  Yes.

Red Elk:   The farther down you go, the less and less caves, and the smaller and smaller.  And then you get, literally, right down to Lucifer’s realm, where there are very, very few natural caves.  Everything there he’s connected cave-to-cave, his own tunnels, and made his own caves.  Do you understand?

Rick Martin:  Yes.

Red Elk:  Ok.  Anything below him is too hot for him, the lava at level number 1, our planet’s center. 

Rick Martin:  Now, what are these caves that are under South America, under China, that are like fused glass, smooth caves that go for hundreds, perhaps thousands of miles?

Red Elk:  There is no “perhaps”.  I am a caretaker of the tunnels. 

Rick Martin:  Who made those?

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