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A Mesage                                 From Red Elk

Editor’s note: It seems as if the pace of the Great Awakening on planet Earth has jumped up another notch. Those of you who have been closely following the spiritual messages (and some others) shared within these pages over, especially, the last few months have noticed a common theme: that we are all, spiritually, in a “decision-making” time. There’s no more fence-sitting; rather, we are told that ALL shall experience conditions and circumstances which require a decision one way or the other—a siding with Good or Evil.
     Well, here we go again. Yet another respected source has come forth.
    On Wednesday, January 22, 2003, we received a telephone call at
The SPECTRUM from renowned Native American leader Red Elk, who felt compelled to share the following message with all of our readers.
Many of you will remember Red Elk as Rick Martin’s featured front-page interviewee for our April 2002 issue. That provocative article was titled Red Elk’s Medicine Message Of Worlds Within Worlds: Old Mysteries, Powerful Truths For Today. Red Elk teaches and lectures extensively and has several times spoken to the vast listening audience of Art Bell’s late-night talk-radio program about both spiritual matters and the many layers of activity going on right under our feet.
     Rick Martin answered Red Elk’s call and, once the intent was understood, quickly grabbed his tape recorder so that we could share the following information and dialog with you.
     Is it timely? That’s a matter of personal value within the Larger Play that’s rapidly picking up speed. It seems that teachers from all directions are being urged to step forth and do their part to help guide those who are awakening to an awareness of the Cleansing Spirit moving ever more surely over planet Earth.
As Red Elk says, conditions shall be such as to encourage all of like mind to work together toward the renewal of Mother Earth—for all our relations.

1/22/03 RED ELK

What I’d like to say, if at all possible, is to the people:
    The line IS drawn. Capitalize IS. There will be no more fence-straddling. You’re either going to be for Good, or for self.
     Basically, we’ve only got about 2½ years before war comes to our shores, and WE lose. But it won’t be a total loss.
     The Great Hand of the Creator will slap-down on the foreign armies that occupy the USA. It will slap-down three times, and every foreign personnel who are connected with taking us over will flee. But, nevertheless, war is due.
     There will be a M7.2 earthquake on the West Coast. Somewhere rolling in from the Portland, Oregon area. Now, I do not know if that’s Portland included, but from that particular area, up toward Washington. Date or year unknown, but it will be early on a beautiful Spring morning.
Mount St. Helens will blow again, going through the lava tubes, wiping-out Cougar, Washington—going towards Portland. I don’t know if the winds catch it before or after, and then blow it along the coast, and inland again, East, as before. Time and date and year unknown—but it will be. It will be as before, on a beautiful Spring morning, between 6:00 and 10:30 a.m. More towards Summer, I think, because it’s a very beautiful day.
     Mt. Rainer will blow approximately just under 1/4 of its top, like an arrow shooting up. And then it will turn around and come down and fill the gap that it had left, creating air pressure far into the inlands of Eastern Washington, Kittitas County. There will be holes from a few mere inches to 60 feet or so across, that are blown out with just air pressure, nothing to do with lava. This will happen sometime approaching or during elk season, which is Fall time. Again, the time and year unknown.
     But we’re in for one heck of a ride. This should take place before the war.
     Planet X will not flip the Earth. It’s only one of three events. It will be a contributing factor only. It is there. We’ve known it in Native medicine knowledge for many, many, many—well, foretold for centuries. When will it come? I don’t know if it’s on the date everybody is talking about; I have no idea. All I know is that it will be coming. And it will cause great disturbances on the Earth. But it will not cause the Earth to flip, though it will be a contributing factor.
     When will the Earth flip? I don’t know. It will flip within 23 years, anytime within 23 years, and AFTER the events just described.
     And it’s going to be Bad versus Good, Good versus Bad, Unconditional Love versus Self Gratification.
     The Christian churches will break up. There will be the true-hearts who will leave, leaving the modern-day Christian way, in the church buildings. The true-hearts will start meeting in homes, again. They will stay in the traditional Christian churches until they can’t stand it anymore. But they will be a Light within the Church for a short time, and then they will pull out.
     Again: the line is drawn! There’s no more fence-straddling, at all. You make up your mind now which way you’re going to go: Good or Bad.
You still LOVE the Bad. They can call you enemy; but you don’t call them enemy.
     The year 2012 is NOT the end of civilization as we know it; that I can see. But it is the Year of Confusion. So many probables. Mankind can go in so many different, strong ways that the Mayan, the Aztec, etc., just did not see which way they were going to go. They were all such strong possibilities to go. So, they more or less threw their hands up and said: “We don’t know.”
     Thank you, my brother, that’s the best I can do.

* * *

    Martin: I have one question for you.
    Red Elk: No, I’m not pregnant. [Laughter]
   Martin: [Laughter] Our upcoming March feature concerns the year 2003, primarily.
    Red Elk: Yeah, there is something that is going to be done in 2003. I don’t know what.
    Martin: There is a lot that people are seeing, a lot of apprehension for the first half of 2003. Some people are apprehensive because of Planet X, some people are apprehensive because of the possible war in Iraq, and yet there are other factors coming into play, not the least of which is time manipulation.
     Do you have a sense of what people’s apprehension is about 2003?
    Red Elk: Most of the apprehension is caused by the Earth, inner great shifting. We are of Earth. We are made of dirt, and stuff, originally. So we are, therefore, very much in tune with the Earth, regardless if you are aware of it or not. The grading, and all of the movement of our Earth, she’s getting ready to roll. It’s causing a sympathetic vibration in the human body.
     Also, people are going into parallel times and places, actually doing it—and shocked: “What was that all about?” Because it only lasts a moment, to several minutes. Are they going crazy? No, it’s just they are not aware of what is happening.
     [Editor’s note: This last comment is very similar to what Al Bielek and Preston Nichols say in Rick’s front-page feature story.]
     Martin: There’s a lot of that.
     Red Elk: Yes, there is a tremendous amount, and it is growing, and growing, and growing.
     So some of the apprehension is due to our Mother Earth. And the fact that our people came from her belly—in that sense, we ARE connected. But most people are not aware of the total connection.
     But another thing: How do I say it? There is also occurring manipulation through “other forces”—those who in turn are manipulated by Luciferian angels and he himself, who are trying to manipulate the humans to be afraid.
     Martin: True.
     Red Elk: You’re supposed to run to the government; they will “protect” you. You’re damn right they will! They’re part of the other ones, the Bad ones!
You are being controlled simply by fear—they’re trying to, anyway. Big word: fear! FEAR!
     And those who learn to overcome that fear, and walk in the Light of Love and Unity with The Creator—shoot—this will be a piece of cake.
     It will be like walking through a cloud instead of hitting a mountain. It will only cause you to waiver a bit; then off you go, right through that mountain! It’s nothing more than energy in the first place, just as you are energy. You become an unstopable force, going right through an immovable object!
     It’s all mind, God-mind stuff. It is, literally, thought energy. You match energy and pass through. And we can do that—but it takes a heart relationship with Daddy to do it. It really does; I’m not kidding anybody. It really does!
     Put that down, however you want, brother, if you will.
     Martin: I’ll be glad to.
     Red Elk: The line is drawn! There’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Our skies haven’t turned red, yet. I think that Planet X is going to help along in that way.
I’m not sure if it’s going to be a nuclear explosion that causes this. Although, the wavering of our Earth, and this Planet X coming by so close and causing what it does—makes the Earth shake and rattle and roll even more.
     And since everybody is on edge anyway, somebody might, might hit the wrong button and we will have a nuclear war. And I’m talking PRIOR to Armageddon.
So, the skies will turn red, day and night, for a number of days in a row. What actually causes it? I’m not sure. It hasn’t happened yet. We can still change everything if enough people of the planet got right with The Creator; we could stop everything.
     Planet Earth can go out into space like a slingshot. Mamma would calm down and say: “Ah, the fleas are resting.” And not shake us off. Otherwise, we’re on our own.
     And I tell you true: the line IS drawn! It’s not a matter of going to be, or a little line here, a little line there, like it has been—people here, people there, praying for Mother Earth, not knowing that there’s five more, six blocks down the road, doing the same thing. They’re not yet connected, a bunch of little lines.
But now, they are going to connect as One! Those who are for Good will connect as One, in some super-huge kind of meeting.
     And they’ve got to learn that, when they connect, they cannot—I repeat, with big CANNOT—say: “We’re all here for helping Earth and mankind, and this is the way you must do it.”
     They’ve got to realize—I’m talking medicine people, spiritual people, I’m talking wiccan people—I don’t care, as long as they are for Mamma Earth, and for unity of Love, I don’t care how they go to The Creator.
     But, I’m telling you this: There is a great problem in the world today, amongst the so-called “spiritual” people. They have a problem with: “MY way is right; so we’ll do it this way.”
     They are not living Mitakuye Oyasin [for all my relations]. They just talk the word.
     The world is a body, in a sense. We are the doctors, in a sense. All doctors, to be regular doctors, all go to the same kind of basic training to know the body before they branch off to be a brain surgeon, a heart surgeon, a foot doctor. But they all have to take the same basic training before they branch-off.
     They are forgetting that we all have the same basic training; we’re all working with the same body. And sure, some know how to do brain surgery; some know how to do foot work. But that does not cure the body; it only cures that part.
     They must realize it takes all, working together, on the whole body! The brain surgeon, the heart surgeon, the guy who heals broken bones, the guy who takes care of intestinal disorders—without all of them truly working together, no ONE is right.
     They must unify! Then the body has a great chance of being healed; otherwise, it’s just partially crippled. Right now the body is spastic. We must work together to make the body whole. Work TOGETHER, not against each other. None of this “mine is right, yours is wrong” attitude.
     And until they can do that, these who call others together to meet for praying for Mother Earth, and all that, but they still stay in their specialty and fight each other—how can they be so stubborn and yet claim to heal all?! They must accept every bit of each other’s little individual—or great—amount of work on the body.
     The nurse who gives the aspirin, she is very much needed. And so is the brain surgeon. No one is more important than the other. We must unite!
     Now, people world-wide are getting awfully antsy, scattered, frightened. As I said, it’s designed to be that way, so they can be controlled.
     They must be FREE, SELF-THINKERS, and TOTALLY FEARLESS. And they can’t do that without the total spiritual contact with our Creator. And that Creator is 100% real! They’ve got to reach that point of KNOWING!
     Make that Creator—however you call The Creator: He, She, Cosmos, Allah, God, whatever—make that one Daddy. Make Him REAL in your heart! Humanize Him to the point where you can run and jump on His lap, and hug Him. But do it with great respect; that’s what He wants. You are His thought! You are His child! You wouldn’t exist if He didn’t want you in the first place!
     So make Him an approachable Daddy. Don’t keep Him at such a distance, pushed away with some kind of artificial reverence. Talk to Him in a respectful manner. But then, regard Him as you would your father, human father, who you love dearly. You want to go to Dad and give Him a hug. Or, you want to be able to say: “Dad, I don’t understand this or that; help me.”
     And if you’re in the wrong and don’t admit it, you’re going to get your butt spanked. He’s Dad! He wants you to grow up right!
     You might as well get up on His lap and apologize, and love Him, instead of standing out there in the doorway. Get in there and hug the Guy, this Great Being. He exists!
     Well, I’ve said my piece. A lot more than I intended to say. Take it down as you choose.



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