Invisibility $22 USA, $25 International Postpaid Each

Friends, You can get these lessons - But only if you can get into "The Child-Like Mind"
Without this you would be best saving your money. Don't Buy!
The "tellings" are easy. Doing takes the purity of a child though. Can You?

I have 9 who now levitate, 35 who go into the past/future,
7 or more who can become invisible.
Many who self heal and heal others. None so far who teleport.
Many who talk, mind to mind, ON DEMAND

All these lessons can be had, Free, if you learn the formula set down
in "The Good Book" (Bible).
These are not limited to medicine men/women alone.
How can they be if in a book as old as "Tradition"?
Best to you all. Ho
Red Elk

For Written Lessons Contact RedElk:
Purity / One Relation
P.O. Box 166
Thorp, WA 98946
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