(Rod Skenendor ... Elk Chief)


All of life is sacred.
The Mother Earth is sacred.
All things for her are sacred.
Spread the word.
Share the Dignity.


Elk Chief


We write this to you after long and careful consideration concerning the issues currently confronting your respective nations which unfortunately we only hear rumors of, not being there in person.

We submit this communication in part, to entice a meeting with you and discuss openly the land dispute matters those rumoring bring to our attention and seem to be causing an over-load of strife and stalemate, and additionally, present some model of consciousness that appears to be missing.

And then, since we as Native Americans are included in the grand overall scheme of life and sovereign by creative intent, and since we have managed to maintain the principle of spiritual rights laid out millenniums ago by our forefathers to speak for and protect the sacred Mother Earth through our ceremonial ways, which host a longevity here in the West stronger than any others sharing this locale, we care to offer suggestions, which may dutifully provide some solutions to what we accept are dire circumstances in your countries.

It is with great caution and definitely not customary on our part to imply that perhaps another people from distant lands needs help in determining a better future, yet at this juncture, it would appear that a new and fresh approach is called for. If we are successful in coming together the way some dreams have revealed, prompting this effort by us to aid, in short time we may be able to rejoice over our combined attempt to produce a clearer understanding.

We are no better nor wiser than you or anyone else. We are certainly equal in all areas including human needs and qualities. In the field of spirit interaction relating to creation and the earth however, at least here in America, we hold the edge. Another fact we can expound upon and should be taken into some depth of consideration is: “With the spirit all things are possible. Without the spirit, anything might happen and one has little choice but to accept it.” We endorse the spiritual journeys of all who are on them.

As a sovereign race of two-legged beings, we have admired your illustrious cultures for as long as we have known of your existence. According to American history, Marco Polo seeking new trade routes to India when he wound up lost, here on our shores. This information probably created the link between your nations and ours, both being called Indian, you in India, we here. The white mans arrival here in our homelands disrupted our entire way of life, yet we can compliment him to some degree in that he also brought worldly knowledge that otherwise would have taken much longer to learn.

His religious concept through his history on the other hand, also caused us much concern. What he professed as a righteous way to live we quickly realized was not what he adhered his own style to. Although today there are considerable amount of Native Americans who for whatever reasons adopted his Christian ethics those many who resisted, holding on to a traditional practice, found his methods did not justify a natural balance. Much was left to desire when it cam to living in harmony. He said one thing while doing another. This indicated a loose grip on reality that to our way of thinking worked against what we knew to be true Our ancestors took him in when he first came and was floundering. He repaid them with death and destroyed a considerable amount of the unmatched beauty of nature in the process. The irony of his deeds certainly did not live up to what he professed as sacred.

Through the white man’s religious history, that he doesn’t speak openly about, we learned that the god society, when new upon our earth, had wars with brilliant weapons—we will bring this to light again later on in this writing—that up to that time were unequaled on this plane of existence. Whatever emotions caused the gods disconcertment is not certain but the aftermath of those acts was not a positive thing by any means…the very soul/spirit connection was interrupted almost irreparable. How could life flourish in the most positive way with his type of discernment acting as a roadblock?

Many of us known as Native Americans have lived in tepees, long houses and other such shelters drawn and constructed mainly from natural materials. For this reason and more, we feel we have something in common with you. What we are not sure about is how you view the earth, Mother of every living thing in our modern solar system. Do you set aside a portion of your time to speak to the spirit world on her behalf? And if at one time, as part of a legacy, you did but no longer carry on with this tradition, is it because you may have forgotten your old ways? Whatever split of emotion you are currently led by? Whatever quirk influences shadows in your daily customs as you threaten each others states with nuclear annihilation stills us. And, therefore, we are prompted to seek you out at this time on this grand life journey, to tell if somehow we can lend some precious insight to function in averting the brevity which seems to have cloistered your valuable tenets this measure. Go easy brothers.

In 1947, or thereabouts, we Indians were granted U.S. citizenship although we did not seek the status. What this did in effect buried us even deeper in obscurity, which led to a despair of our own as it fixed us in a fifth class standard comparable to how America subjects most so called third world countries, yours fitting into that category.

What we garnered from this experience as the years stretched on however permitted us to recognize the upheaval some impose perhaps on purpose, upon others, and we learned to take it as a hurdle we were spurred to absolve. Patience as well as other virtues aided us in finding ways and methods to bear what this inflicted in personal grief and confrontation. Somehow, we reached back into the past where we rely on the spiritual essence of our old ones. With their support as spirit, eventually the resolve pertinent to overcome an imposed situation. In the process, some forgave while others yet harbor an animosity…choice.

As nations grow psychologically and philosophically, the often narrow rigors of policy tend to separate people therein; and all too frequently, leaders lose touch with their constituents. Compassion flounders. Eventually even the leadership, who perhaps oblivious to what has transpired, tastes the same acrid dysfunction as the general populace. How could they not? And soon each individual citizen of any particular society turns away from the other as certain pangs of solitude takes over the senses causing a schism in the entire nation’s sociology. Despite the fact that position of responsibility must be upheld, they suffer. Distrust builds. Obviously the order of state must go on, but where will clear thinking come from?

It is never easy to remedy turmoil and what dishevelment brings, and it is safe to say that all governed bodies of the global family have experienced like circumstance, with few taken to a point of disorientation serious enough to bring about disorder, even finding a suitable recovery. Without debate, anger founded on frustration is the biggest enemy other than the self for who when piqued and maybe disillusioned, would comprehend why another might be undergoing similar emotions? Of course over crowding, and poverty due to it, rarely gives way to compatible solubility. In all this, man has walked away from certain concerns and practices which were once prioritized as sacred and important. As a result, a dilemma looms. We have the seemingly put the maker on the back shelf, consequently leaving only our human wits to sort out the blight facing world society.

Does this suggest that man is weak and unable to endure? Certainly not, at least to the amounts where we cannot find new solutions through our amiable interaction with each other…that is, as long as we afford the time. An exigency exists. Expanse is shortened, money flows. Something terrible is occurring. We must make a circle; put a light at the center. Is it fear of one another that strangles us? Likely not. It is probably more a twisted sense of the unknown.

Undeniable truths present themselves. No light can be brought out unless we gather our natural ingenuities together, calling upon all available pundits, instructing clarity. At this stage, there can by no cynical renderings offered from any source. No one can place blame! We need to have each other to fix what is now broken.

In the presentation of this message, we represent no one single governing entity. Instead, this is a diverse grassroots effort, united from different walks of life. Our concerns are being voiced worldwide. We harbor no abjectness in our appeal. Our sole aim is to interject while time is still on our side. We do contend that hope is there as well.

Some would say that your particular issues are a government to government affair. We choose to differ with that opinion caring in lieu to present human to human tendency. We are biased in the favor of relying on the greatness of human nature, not a soulless bureaucracy, geared chiefly to the counting of beans. We direct this to your better sense of justice. For us, this issue is as uncommon as it gets in all aspects imaginable. It needs to be metered in the most sensible mind people can muster, as congenial as goodness will allow. Like hands across a backyard fence…if you will.