Frequently Asked Questions 

If you have a question of Red Elk, try looking for it on this page. If you don't find it, then send Red Elk an email at or  Red Elk gets lots of email, so please be patient, and check back frequently for new material here on the FAQ page.

Q: Mel's Hole? 
A: No place to mess with. If you want more information go to:

Q: You sound like a  PREACHER ...  WHY! 
A: People come to me to find out how to love. The Pale One, you know as the Christ, was/is a walking example of what love can do. Where else would you find this example?  His way and Native American ways are quite similar, despite most Indians not wanting to admit it.  The Hebrew race, as well as our Indians, were at one time tribal-like.  The Hebrews would migrate across the land as we did.  The Hebrews broke into smaller groups, as did we.  The truth that the Christ spread and SHOWED and T A U G H T  is for everyone.  To many of us in the Medicine way, He was/is THE GREATEST MEDICINE MAN ON ALL EARTH.  If you come to me to learn, bring a Bible. I recommend with this Bible "Awakening Spirits" by Tom Brown Jr..  Between the two, you will learn amazing things.

Q: Why do you charge ANY money for talks, tapes ... whatever? 
A: It was hard on me to do this. I spent years teaching for absolutely free.  The Fullbloods know the "rules".  You DO give to the medicine person.  Whites, on the other hand, are mostly just as they usually are:  Takers.  I've found after several years, they had no respect for the things they were learning.  (After all .. if it's free, it's not worth anything!)   Only five taught now live by the teaching.  I put out my time, years of learning, effort, fuel, chainsaw use, truck, permit $$ .. almost always for just a, "Thank you , Red Elk."  FEW GAVE AT ALL,  even tobacco.   They did not and do not know the way.  Thus, I am forced to charge.  You, if a mechanic, or a secretary, or a doctor, etc, train for your work and expect pay for your work. Why do you expect me to work for nothing. I am just as all .. I have bills to pay, family to take care of, etc.  Why do YOU complain?  IF you succeed in going to the childlike mind, every lesson that you buy will succeed.  I ask no one to buy these lessons. This is a personal choice.  Actually, they can all be gotten for free, if you know where and how to look.  Meanwhile, I eat ...  finally.  My wife, who has carried the load for many years, has finally got a husband that is giving more than just giving. Ho!  

Q: You're getting RICH! 
A: I'm getting WHAT?  I have three old cars and an old trailer house to live in.  I'm in debt up to my eyes ... had to put my land up to get this used trailer .. and you have the audacity to say THAT?   Are you sure it's THIS Red Elk?

Q: Levitating? 
A: Go to my guest book.  Go through it and you'll find three who have written in who are doing it.  I know of  seven total that are doing so via my instructions.  IT WORKS!

Q: What are rods? 
A: Our Dr./Scientists who use huge microscopes on the human body see these things quite often. WE ARE INSIDE GOD'S BRAIN ... Thought!  The rods are simply the white and red blood cells that are in ANY brain. 

Q: War? 
A: There is no need for this. We have people in medicine who can send away troublemakers, to live out their normal lifespan, causing no trouble to any.  I believe strongly that our government knows that this help is available to them, but there is no money in just taking away trouble.  Some could easily send them to a different dimension, with food and water, and kiss their ASS Goodbye!

Q: Blue Mountain meeting.   Where?  When? 
A: Southeast Oregon. One mountain off the Blue Mountain range of mountains. Time to be announced. Looks like this coming Summer. I let this be known on orders from the head of the Red Web Society. This will be open to any and all of "Pure HEART". It is not something to pay into. You'll be lucky if we can get an outhouse there. All expenses will be self paid: food, place to sleep, sleeping bags, coffee ... ALL. This call is going out to the WORLD. More will be announced later as I am told.

Q: Do Lizard People REALLY exist, or is this a bunch of BS? 
A: I wish they didn't. Here is a site you may be interested in, although I have not looked into it myself:  Go to Art Bell's website ( "Past Guest:  Bonnie Crystal". Click on her web link and scroll to images of expedition. Click and scroll 'til you see a caver, pointing to lizard tracks pointing to an underground cave. Make up your own mind. We of Medicine have long ago made up ours. Yes, they exist.

Q: Where are the Lizard People? 
A: Many are bred into our people and are living, eating, working next to you. Some actually shape-shift into human form .. though rare.  Most overall live below us in the earth.  There are instances where full blood lizards are seen on our surface in full lizard form, but never outside in public.  They work hand in hand at certain sites in well guarded and unlighted (by Sun) factories, etc.  Do they exist? Wait. You'll find out.

Q: Does Bigfoot exist?
A: YES! Our original earth (human) beings. We are DNA'd into our shape form and (advanced) stage via people from other planets out of BIGFOOT STOCK. Adam and Eve were the first (successfully DNA'd) Human Beings.  Bigfoot is our living "ancestors".  Why aren't they often seen? Because these brothers have evolved into abilities that go different from our own. They are masters at stealth/invisibility.  THEY ARE ALIVE. THEY ARE STILL HERE.

Q: What is a pole shift and when will the next one occur?
A: I am never given dates .. only events. IF we continue on the course we are now on, start practicing treading water. We'll be swimming well within 25 years.  The shift will be Earth, for the fifth time, turning on its axis. Few will survive.  Due to the shift, mankind will once again mate into one color .. one "breed" and one language. There will be no differences in either. In time, it will slowly get back to the way it is today.

Q: What lies ahead for our planet?
A: If we do not unite as one in LOVE, NOW:  War, famine, huge weather shifts, disease, civil wars, mass killings of each other ...  MADNESS!  


Q: What can we do to prevent this?
A: Earth is now Ninivah. Read what happened in the Old Testament to that old city/country.  IT WAS PUT OFF. We can do the same, but ONLY by getting ourselves PERSONALLY right with our Creator.  LOVE!              Change, folks, must start within our own SELVES. Then it will pass on to others. It will take a vast majority of this planet's people to save our Earth from what lies ahead. Unity in ONE Heart. Until the moon, sun, skies turn red for a period of days in a row, WE STILL HAVE A CHANCE.                                 

Q: I feel the Bible telling me to worship his son also. Although I feel great love for Jesus, I just don't have the exploding affection for The Creator. Also, I am led to believe that all non Christians are not going to heaven! How could this be true? What about the poor children that has no other insight in religion -- let alone the adults that have never witnessed true sacrifice? I have been looking for a Non-denominational church that is truly such, but I have only found Christian based churches that accept non-Christian petitioners. Where can I go that I do not have to venture off from My Lord and Savior? I don't want to feel like a hypocrite every time
A: Lil Sister: it may help u 2 know "Christians" 2day have been "watered down" since day 1. In this they have become the beginning of Christianity most did not know how 2 read. Thus the HAD 2 rely on those who could. THEY HAD NO WAY 2 CK if what was being told was Truly what was written. THIS HAS BEEN CARRIED ON 2DAY. Only NOW it is "easier" to b setting there n let "The "SMART" One" TELL them WHAT IS MEANT! In short...U R LED by those who want 2 "force" THIER OPINION...n U accept it as "The WORD"...from "God". LAZINESS on R part has led 2 this! NO ONE CHKS.! U r rite: the Churches) R WRONG. Watered Down. N WE HAVE ALLOWED IT. It is no One's) is OUR PERSONAL FAULT. Blame NO One .... but Yourself. Now, lets get back 2 righting r wrong: ASK THE CREATOR to HELP U K N O W What it is/was HE MEANS in THOSE LETTERS (Bible). Then TRUST HIM....He HEARS! Then start ANYWHERE in that Good Book, reading. IF U R Serious....HE KNOWS UR HEART....if its "TRUE": then u WILL start LEARNING! It will b between just 2 ...U....and "HIM". Try it...then get back 2 me if u need more "help". In HIS L O V E....Red Elk 

Q: There is no God!  If there was, why all the killings and wars!
A: On the contrary. YOU might not believe in HIM, but HE BELIEVES IN YOU. That's why you exist. He's made you from His thoughts. You exist because of this. Wars, killings? He warns us, if we do not trust, rely and adhere to him ... LOVE Him, or you will get a "reward" you will not be happy with.  He also says, if you DO love him, etc., your life will be cake and honey. It's all up to you. He's a better father than a man-father. HE KEEPS HIS WORD. He knows your heart, and you can NOT Con him!

Q: Why do you say "Brother" or "Sister", when we do not look or think the same, or are of the same culture?
A: As stated above, we are all of the same MINDWOMB of the only Creator. Thus, we are Brothers and Sisters in that way. I just say it as I see it. As in any family, people do not agree with each other, and go their separate ways. STILL, we are all from the same Womb!  Hate me or not, I AM STILL YOUR BROTHER.

Q: Why are some Native Americans so upset about the things you say?

White Man has taken just about everything they have, and now their "religious" ways are being told to the general public. They fear that the White Man is about to take the last thing they have left. WOULDN'T YOU BE! 

In their anger and fear, they strike out and say anything they want to stop this. WOULDN'T YOU? Then why am I doing this? The answer is simple: I and the other 11 Inner Heyokas have been ordered to do so. As stated, our world is about to go through a major change, leaving few humans left. As stated, there will be no 1 - 2 - 3 DIFFERENT races.  

ALL WILL BE ONE COLOR/LANGUAGE. Our red brethren and the aborigines, as well as a few countries/peoples know the sacredness of the Earth and all about us. THE SURVIVORS MUST HAVE THIS KNOWLEDGE so IT will stay with all people. Without this, mankind will become extinct. What I share and teach can be gotten for free by anyone who puts their faith in trusting the Creator to tell them. There are some things of Medicine I WILL NOT SHARE. Those things, IF you are to learn them, will be strictly  between you and the Creator. ALL things I teach ARE IN BOOKS. I give out nothing that is unexposed.      Ho!

Q: Dream?
A: Yes. His.  We are as gods. We have been given two gifts in this life:  Self will and the ability to dream. Today those dreams are called inventions. Someone dreamt/dreams something into existince.  Cars, phones, clothes, glasses .. all are of someone's dream. We in Medicine have learned this and learned that we can "Work the Dream."  .  CHANGE IT!  Right now we are living in a nightmare.  LOVE ... Change it!      Ho!

Q: I have listened to your lesson on Invisibility and tried to make it work for me, but I am having no luck.  What am I doing wrong?
A: The lessons are simple. The doings are NOT!   In nearly all these lessons, you MUST get into the CHILDLIKE MIND. This is very hard for adults to do. Remember, children can make a make believe person so REAL to them, they ARE Real.  YOU MUST BE IN THAT WAY AS WELL. Another problem is your belief system. Do not use CAN'T words!  Such as Believe, Hope, Think, Maybe, Someday, In Time, Will, Try .. etc ..    Or all stopping, or putting off to the future words. Use the word AM.  As in, " i AM Flying". " i AM Invisible", etc.    Use only AM!  It conditions your mind to MAKE IT SO.     Ho!    

Q: What can I do to prepare myself for the upcoming times?
A: Don't ask ME ...  Ask the Creator!  Ask. Shut up and listen. And expect to hear an answer. HE'll tell you exactly what to do and where to go ... and when.  EXPECT!

Q: What is your greatest need?
A: Ask "Dad".   For sure, I DO need constant prayer!