UFO Landing Site in Ellensburg, WA 

This is a circle left on the ground by the most beautiful UFO Red Elk has ever seen.

(Oval indicates location of the mark on the ground)

The ship appeared to be made totally of crystal, except the engine compartment. In the bottom picture you can see a wider patch towards the top right of the oval. This is where the door opening came down and almost touched the earth, as the craft hovered about 3-4 feet above the ground.

There is a break in the circle at the top, center. This is where the engine protruded somewhat out of the side of the craft, thus leaving a 'break' in the circle. The engine compartment was shaped like an egg, with the big end sticking out of the craft. This craft only had engine, navigation(?) and motor running (?) equipment and three seats.

The seats were in a 'V' formation. There were three men aboard. The pilot sat in the forward seat and was a bit taller than the other two. All three were extremely short, approximately 4-1/2 feet tall. The taller, closer to 5 feet tall, appeared to be in charge. These three were very human in looks, other than their stature and their SUPER THICK reddish-tinted blonde hair.

The craft hovered approximately three feet above the ground, leaving an exact 16-foot circle, as measured by Red Elk himself. This craft's fuselage was on many angles, with the exception of the egg-shaped outside engine area. The bottom could not be seen through. All else could, with the exception of the engine, seats and electronic (?) equipment. You could literally stand in the front and see through the back.

The craft made no noise whatsoever, and stayed about 12-14 minutes while the two crewmen stepped outside, on a step-like ramp that came out of the side mentioned, and came to within about 2-3 inches above the grass. At no time did any part of the ship rest on the earth. The two crewmen went about their duties, and because of their stature, were unable to look inside the window of the house they were hovering behind. The taller pilot came out. and he and a crew member locked hands and lifted the third up, by putting his foot in their hands, looking into the window of the house. Once satisfied, the three stood and conversed a minute or two, then went back into the ship, shut the ramp, and the ship slowly floated upward in total silence before shooting off like a streak of lightning.

This was not a long range ship. It either came from another dimension or a Mother Ship. It was more like a fast scout ship. These beings were 'good' or friendly beings. Red Elk has met a few other friendly beings ... Darned few. These were not 'hoof foots', who are quite similar in looks, but were perfectly formed human beings (?). One odd thing he noticed was that in the field, across the fence in the photo, were three horses, dead asleep on their feet, and they seemed to have been put in that sleep, so as not to panic.

Why were they here? I know, but I am not going to say. Just know that it was for, and is for, a good reason. Do UFO's exist? You betcha! Ho! -- Red Elk

(Red Elk has had many encounters with UFOs of various types and shapes, and of various people from 'out there' and IN HERE, our Earth, and has also had one physical contact, chasing a 'grey' with a knife. He said the grey was too danged fast to catch. He calls these people 'Bee People', or 'Insect People'.)